Rocket Rockers – Lady in Red

Yo! This is the hardest part for a man like me to pass….
She represents a more exciting life.
She is a distraction but also a false promise for something better!

She’s the one, the one who can takes my control and lead the way to sink
Into the deepest dream I ever had….

The earthly of pleasure over heavenly I never can deny
And take my soul nowhere fast…oh no..oh nooo…..

All I need…is for the savior to come and take my hand
And all I need is the savior….

I will never be the same like this forever…
So, Take me from the darkness
Take me from the darkness…..Savior!

She is an escape from the droll responsibilities of real life,
An escape from doing the right thing….

The crashing waves roll over me as I stand upon this ground
Wait for you to come and grab hold of my hand

Back to *Reff

She`s a sign, the shadow that will never take me home
She`s a sign, the greatest subliminal that will love to see us fall!


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